Seven Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Tighten Your Crypto Security

Seven Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Tighten Your Crypto SecuritySeven Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Tighten Your Crypto Security

Once you complete a few crypto buys or trades you realize that it’s not too difficult.

Most of us start out slow, triple checking everything and making sure we’re sending to the correct key.

That’s usually when security tends to slip. It all becomes familiar and you are too clever for someone to rip you off or hack you.

There’s a cryptosecurity breach in the news every day. Don’t let the next victim be you.



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Here are seven tips to get your basic security to where it should be


1. Choose a browser that is for your crypto trades only. Do not use it for anything else. Make sure you always clear the history and the cache. Set it up to only use private windows.





2. Check your system for malware and viruses every day. Most security software will do this when the computer boots up. It’s worth doing a second manual check during the day also.

3. Always use a quality firewall. No computer or device should go online without a firewall. Check the genuine reviews and don’t only go for the big name with a large advertising budget.

4. Setup a VPN. You should be using a VPN on all your devices that access the internet. A VPN like PIA covers five devices for a reasonable annual fee. Their servers are fast and everyone at TBS uses it.

5. Get a good password manager and generator. Do not use the same password twice. We recommend Roboform. You can log in from any device from anywhere there is an internet connection. Roboform stops hackers from recording your keystrokes when you sign in to your accounts.

6. Bookmark the links to the crypto exchanges and sites that you use. Don’t access them from a Google search as it may be a phishing site. If you use a password manager as recommended in #5, it remembers the website addresses for you as well.

7. Install Cryptonite in your browser to check that you are using a genuine website. There are many phishing sites that look like MyEtherWallet and other crypto sites. Don’t get caught out. We have an article and tutorial on using this valuable free resource.


There is much more you can do to secure your crypto. These 7 tips are a solid start.


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