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There is an extra section at the end of non-crypto related companies and products that we also recommend.


Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Become your own bank and get your crypto off the exchanges and into cold storage with a Ledger Nano SDon’t lose your investment to a hacker. DO NOT buy your wallet from a third party because it is cheaper. Someone could have tampered with it. Get it direct from the manufacturer and play it safe.



Trezor hardware wallet

Trezor is another great hardware wallet. Made by SatoshiLabs who also brought us the cryptocurrency map Coinmap. They are serious about security. As with the Nano, do not buy a Trezor from a third party. Only buy directly from the manufacturer for safety. A secure cold storage solution we all recommend. We suggest buying the second generation Model T wallet.






Steely cryptocurrency wallet backup is a solution for safeguarding your wallet seed words. Steel construction that can withstand extreme temperatures and abuse. Check out our honest review here.


Private Internet Access



We use PIA on all our devices including mobile phones. High-grade encryption that offers online protection even on hotspots. Secure your data privacy from hackers.






Roboform Everywhere remembers your passwords across every device. Works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It fills in the passwords for you so no one can monitor your keystrokes. Also generates passwords and fills out forms. Yes, we use it.


Coinbase Sign-up



Coinbase is the easiest way to start buying and selling cryptocurrency.


cryptocurrency resourses



The best way to generate secure paper wallets for Bitcoin and several other coins. The software is free. They sell quality supplies such as hologram stickers to secure your wallets. Bitcoin paper wallet also sells a bootable operating system to print your wallets. PC or Mac.


Cryptonite by MetaCert



Cryptonite is FREE and you need it. This is an extension for Chrome and Firefox. Cryptonite protects cryptocurrency traders from phishing sites and fake social media accounts. Don’t get scammed this takes seconds to install.



Non-Crypto Related Companies





Secure hosting. Get your website up and running with one-click automatic WordPress Blog installation.

Host multiple domains on your Bluehost account. Outstanding customer service.




2FA or Two Factor Authentication is something you should be using to secure your online accounts. You can set it up on many cryptocurrency exchanges. See our video tutorial and download it for free from here.


Brave Browser


Try the Brave browser. The designers claim it does not track anything you do online. They say Brave is much faster than any other browser because it is not weighed down by ads and tracking. We are tesing it over several months to see how it performs. There is a Cnet review of it here.


System Mechanic

Check your computer for malware and other threats before and after any transaction. Keeps your system in A1 working order.

Firewall and Virus scanner

Always have a top-notch Firewall and Virus scanner on your computer. Run the virus scanner before and after any transaction.



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