PGP Verification For Bitcoin Paper Wallet Software

This post demonstrates how to use PGP verification for Bitcoin Paper Wallet software. This the first part of a five-part series on how to generate and use paper wallets.

You can find the other parts of the series here:

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4. Withdrawing Bitcoin From A Wallet.

5. Sending Bitcoin To Coinbase From Blockchain

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To generate a secure paper wallet, the software needs to be verified first.

The Software needed For PGP Verification & Wallet Generation

Mac users. Check out this tutorial written by Jerzi J. Gangi on his website.

Jerzi shows how to install and configure PGP software for OS X. He is using it for email encryption but it will verify the wallet software as well. When you have verified the wallet software on your Mac you can go to Part 2 and continue from there.

You will also need these files:

1. Go to Github and download the wallet software.

2. Go to Canton Becker’s website contact page hereClick on the PGP Public Key link. (I didn’t link directly to it in case it gets moved).

3. Save Canton Becker’s public key block. Copy everything between and including —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– and —–END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—–


PC users. The software in this tutorial is free to use. Please donate to the authors via their websites for the hard work they put in.


Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Use this software at your own risk it has no warranty.


PGP And Wallet Generator Software

1. Download the Gpg4winKleopatra software that will verify the wallet generator software from here.

Download The Gpg4win software









2. Unzip it and install it.


3. Go to Github and download the wallet software.

Download The Wallet Generator Software






Unzip the folder to somewhere you can find the files.


4. Open the unzipped folder and you should see these files:

Unzipped Wallet Generator


5. Go to Canton Becker’s website contact page here.

Canton Beckers Contact Page












6. Click on the PGP Public Key link. (I didn’t link directly to it in case it gets moved).

This takes us to Canton’s public key block.

Canton Beckers Public Key block Start for PGP 2Canton Beckers Public Key block End


7. Copy everything between and including —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– and —–END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—–


8. Paste this into a Notepad file and save the file as key.asc. Save it to the same folder as the unzipped paper wallet generator software.

Key Asc File


9. Now, all the files you need are together and easy to find.

Files and key


10. Open the Gpg4winKleopatra software you installed earlier.

Hit the ‘Import’ button in the middle.

Hit Import








11. Go to the folder where you saved the key.asc file and import it.

Import Key file










12. Canton Becker’s certificate will appear in the list and a warning box will appear. Click ‘No.’

Warning when you import a new certificate






Before you can verify this certificate you must create a certificate for yourself.


Create A Certificate For Yourself

1. Go to file/New Key Pair.

Create a new key pair









2. Click Create a personal OpenPGP key pair.

Create a personal OpenPGP key pair







3. Fill out the name and email address. Click Next.

Put in your name and email







4. Review the parameters and click the Create button.

Review the parameters







5. The program will ask for a passphrase. Put your passphrase in and click OK.

Input a passphrase







6. Key Pair successfully created box will come up. Click Finish.

Key pair successfully Created








Your key pair will appear at the top in the certificates list.

Certified Myself





Now you are ready to verify the ‘Canton Becker’ certificate you downloaded.


Certify The Canton Becker Certificate

1. Right click on Canton Becker’s certificate in the Kleopatra program. Click ‘Change certification Trust.’

Change Trust










2. Check ‘I believe checks are very accurate’ and click OK.

I believe checks







You downloaded this certificate from Canton Becker’s server. He is a trusted source. Google him and you will see. Unless he has gone to the Dark Side of course.


3. A box will come up with ‘Certification trust changed successfully.’ Click OK.

Certification Successfull


4. Right click on Canton Becker’s certificate again and click ‘Cerftify.’

Right click certify


5. The Certify Certificate will come up. Check both the boxes and click Next.

Check The 2 Boxes







6. The Step 2 box will appear. Click ‘Certify only for myself’ and click on Certify.

Choose how to certify







If the file is genuine the ‘Certification Successful’ box will come up.

If the file is genuine







7. Click on Finish.

Now you are sure the Certificate is genuine. Use it to check the wallet generator software you downloaded.


Use PGP To Check The Wallet Generator Software

1. Click on the Decrypt/Verify button.

Click the Decrypt Verify Button


2. Navigate to the folder where the unzipped wallet software is. Click on the ‘generate-wallet.html.sig’ file and click Open.

Click the sig file










3. A box will come up and tell you the file has been validated by Canton Becker’s signature.

File is good u can install











Now we are ready to create a paper wallet.

Go to Part 2. Generate A Paper Wallet to create the wallet.


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