Cryptonite By MetaCert Beefs Up Security


Cryptonite by MetaCert beefs up security when visiting crypto exchanges and online wallets.

Before you click away thinking this is a sales pitch, Cryptonite is free.

The extension sits in your browser monitoring any crypto-related websites you visit. It displays an indicator shield in the top right-hand corner of your toolbar.


If you visit an unverified website, the MetaCert shield is black.

Black Shield


Visit a verified one and it turns green.

Green Shield


If you are visiting an exchange or wallet website and the shield does not turn green you should click away and consider that it might be a scam.

It’s another tool we at Trade Bitcoin Safely recommend you use.

You can disable Cryptonite so it does not show up in the toolbar. It also has a bookmarks tag with some popular crypto websites already bookmarked. So you know you are going to the real site and not a fake one.

Cryptonite Bookmarks


Cryptonite & SSL

Google is insisting that all sites use SSL for more secure websites. While this is great, it is not 100% foolproof. In fact, it is the opposite. Any phishing site can acquire an SSL certificate.

The green locked padlock in the address bar is telling you the site is secure, but it could still be a phishing site.

Green SSL Padlock


Built For Crypto Sites

Cryptonite does not recognize every website. It’s for anyone who needs to be sure the crypto website they are visiting is the real thing. If you go to a huge site like Twitter, for instance, the shield will remain black. This, of course, does not mean that Twitter is a phishing site. It only means that it’s not a crypto-related site.

Metacert is the maker of Cryptonite. They add to the list of blocked phishing and fake social media websites daily.

If you find a genuine website they have not yet certified you can contact them. By email: or on Twitter:

Cryptonite has a solid team behind it with a great web-security track record. It is already protecting many crypto-related websites. MetaCert says the extension respects your privacy. As with anything on the internet, always check it for yourself. It’s nice to know what information a company might be collecting about you.

MetaCert say they have “no way of knowing who is searching for what. Your personal browser history is not transmitted or stored by MetaCert. It’s true that our software analyzes all of the URLs you visit — but we have no way to identify who you are or any device you use. We don’t track anyone for any reason. You are completely anonymous to us.”


Does Cryptonite Work?

I have used Cryptonite for a while now and so far it has worked without any issues. It recognizes all my regular crypto websites.

To show you how Cryptonite works go to to see what happens when a website gets blocked.

You can see that the shield is black and this page pops up.


Now go to a bonafide site such as Coinbase and you will see the green shield validating the website.

Coinbase Green Shield


Crypto is huge. It is getting bigger daily and all the usual scammers and crooks are lining up to rip-off innocent people. Cryptonite will help you recognize the fake sites from the real ones.


You can download Cryptonite here:

Cryptonite by MetaCert




It’s free, backed by a top-notch team and it works. Give it a try and surf some of your favorite crypto sites.

Stay safe out there kids.



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