Cryptocurrency Predictions For 2018

Cryptocurrency Predictions For 2018We thought we should make some cryptocurrency predictions for 2018. Looking around at the 2017 predictions many experts I read were out by at least $10K on Bitcoin. They were also way out on every other cryptocurrency. I’m sure these people know a lot about the crypto markets, but it shows you that no one can predict anything.

In that spirit, we are going to make some predictions for several coins for the end of 2018. We’ll come back and see how far off we were and if we did any better than the experts out there.

Many base predictions on their knowledge of the markets. They have a lot of graphs and software etc. That method seems to have a plus or minus of $10K on Bitcoin.

We are in the business of helping new investors learn how to get into cryptocurrency the safest way. We don’t give investment advice. Our criteria will not include knowledge of the markets or any graphs.

These are the criteria for our Cryptocurrency Predictions

1. Do we like the coins logo?
2. Has Sammy (name changed for privacy purposes) who makes our lunch at Subway heard of the coin?
3. Do our significant others like the color of the coins logo?
4. Do we like the name of the coin?
5. What coin names get a positive response from our pets.
6. Any other random reason that has nothing to do with the markets.
7. None of the reasons above.

We chose Coinranking to look at prices today and will use the same site 01/01/19.

Coins at today’s prices 01/12/2018:
BTC $14,016.14
Ethereum $1,276.20
Ripple $2.07
Bitcoin Cash $2,604.43
Litecoin $238.08
DASH $1,073.48
NEO $125.05
Monero $396.08
ZCash $710.43
Komodo $8.41
Ox $2.28

Our Cryptocurrency Predictions For 2018

BTC $21,000.00 (Sammy yes)
Ethereum $2500.00 (Sammy yes)
Ripple $6.00 (Sammy no) (Best pet response winner)
Bitcoin Cash $4000.00 (Sammy yes) (Worst pet response)
Litecoin $450.00 (Sammy yes) (Winner none of the reasons above)
DASH $1800.00 (Sammy no) (Runner-up pet response)
NEO $220.00 (Best Logo winner. Best name runner-up. Best color logo winner)
Monero $700.00 (Sammy no) (Winner – nothing to do with the markets)
ZCash $950.00 (Sammy no)
Komodo $25.00 (Sammy might have heard of it) (Best name winner. Logo winner runner-up. Best color logo runner-up)
Ox $6.00 (Sammy no) (Logo not popular) (Pets became violent)

*We have invested in some of these coins but not all. Most of them are random choices.

We will post in Jan 2019 and see how far out we were, and how the experts lined up.

We may get closer than the investment experts. If so we will be accepting large consultation fees for our 2019 predictions.

For now, have 2018 on us.

Happy New Year!



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